The Abbeville Youth Center

What is the AYC

We are a nonprofit ministry for middle school and high school students located in Abbeville South Carolina. It is our goal to make sure each student in our area knows that they are loved, that they have been created with a purpose, and that they MATTER. Through all of our programs, events, and activities, we want to make sure we are supporting and encouraging our young people to become everything they were created to be! We do this by focusing on growth in the 3 "C's" of our mission: Character, Citizenship, and Christ.

The Mission

With a foundation built on prayer, the mission of the Abbeville Youth Center is to assist young people in developing strong CHARACTER, to help them reach their full potential as responsible CITIZENS and leaders, and to influence them to have a relationship with Jesus CHRIST.
We believe that we are called to live a life of high character, representing the Lord and who He has called us to be. We believe that when we live a life of character, we can better impact the world we live in.
We believe that we are called to lead in our community by serving that very community as impactful and productive citizens.  We believe that by serving this way, we can impact Abbeville now and in the years to come.
We believe that the foundation of our lives is Jesus Christ. We believe that our lives should be fully based on the Word of God and His love for us. We believe that a life lived for Christ is a life well lived.