The Abbeville Youth Center is a fun place for students to come in and have good time. Each day there is access to tv's, video games, board and card games, pool, basketball, small and large group games, air hockey and so much more. There are also several adult staff members and volunteers to help assist each student in whatever they may need each day. In addition to what is in the building, below are some of the key programs we have to offer through the Abbeville Youth Center.

Bible Study

Bible Study – Our bible studies are lead by staff, volunteers, and local leaders and are focused on building the foundations of Christ in the lives of our students.


Mentoring – Each student who desires, will be paired with a mentor to help them grow in their faith, as well as give them advice through their years at the AYC.

Life Skills

These classes develop the needed skills to live as a productive citizen once. We teach financial literacy, basic home and car maintenance, cooking, communication skills, job application and interview skills and more.

Post Graduation Readiness

This program is designed to walk with each student through high school and help them determine what they would like to do after graduation, and help them take the steps to get there.

Missions and Outreach

People giving back to the community is what makes Abbeville so special. We want to instill that into our students. Throughout the year, we will have local mission projects that the students can participate in to help give back to the community.

Girls and Guys Night Out

Girls and Guys Night Out- These are gender separated nights where our students leave the AYC and fellowship together. This ranges from gym nights to fancy dinners and everything in between. During these nights we discuss real life issues that both genders are facing and how they can work through it the right way.

Gym Days

Gym days are designed to create an atmosphere of competition in our students in a fun and safe environment. These days can be basketball, volleyball, and so much more. 


Each day, every student who attends the youth center will be served a snack or meal that is free of charge to help them stay energized for the few hours they will be at the Abbeville Youth Center.

AYC Camp

Our Abbeville Youth Center camp happens every summer where we take students who qualify to the mountains. Students stay in cabins with approved volunteers and are poured in to as they become better leaders, more impactful citizens, and closer followers of Jesus.